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User data deletion

Your Rights

If you wish to verify, correct, or update any of your personal information collected through the Platform, you may contact us at the above address or e-mail.

In accordance with our routine record keeping, we may delete certain records that contain personal information you have submitted through the Platform. We are not obligated to store such personal information indefinitely and disclaim any liability arising out of, or related to, the destruction of such personal information.

In addition, you should be aware that it is not always possible to completely remove or delete all of your information from our databases without some residual data because of backups and other reasons.

You may have certain rights in relation to your personal information depending on your local laws. If you are in the EU, you have the right under certain circumstances:

  • to be provided with a copy of your personal data held by us;
  • to request the rectification or erasure of your personal data held by us;
  • to request that we restrict the processing of your personal data (while we verify or investigate your concerns with this information, for example);
  • to object to the further processing of your personal data, including the right to object to marketing (as mentioned in the Advertising Services section;
  • to request that you’re provided personal data be moved to a third party.

You may opt-out at any time from allowing further access by us to your location data by managing your preferences in your device settings. You can also stop all information collection by uninstalling the App. You may use the standard uninstall processes available for your mobile device.

Your right to withdraw consent where the processing of your personal information by us is based on consent, you have the right to withdraw that consent without detriment at any time by contacting us ]. You can also change your marketing preferences at any time.

You can also exercise the rights listed above at any time by contacting us at Privacy Officer’s email address or another email contact].